Feb 11, 2011

brokeback mountain

I’m thinking, for this blog, I just want to write it in English. Just want to polish my writing b’coz it had been a while since the last time I wrote my English essay...hahah...plus, it’s 4 my prep to go to overseas, hopefully...pray 4 my SPM to get straight As n fly to study abroad ye...=)

Ok guys, thanks once again coz you still support me on reading my blog. Thank you! I just wanna share a few things la to y’all about the “tongang-terbalink” of my life...echecheche...haha...insaf-insaf! ops, no malay pliz!

Meet zikri. He is one of my buddies la, obviously. The things that can relate me and him are we study in same class. Male. L29 (our block)...what else. Haaa...the nite routine...ghost story! We’re always listening to this singapore’s radio station, Suria f.m. In the nite, the radio station will had a session named “Misteri Jam 12”. At first, I was a little bit nervous, of coz la...ghost story, who on earth is not afraid! Argh, me, i guess, gagaga...so, me, zikri, zafri, syarif n amir “lepak” on zikri’s room to listen to it. Actually, it was cool b’coz the stories were not typical stories at all. I was surprise gak la when I listened to those horrow stories... during the time I want to sleep, argh, the stories kept conquering my mind. Cuak sial! Eh, English la weh! Ok, srry2!

Next, meet Nurdin. I just want to tell y’all that he is our newbie. At 6:30 pm, spotted at PSZ, with people like me, like me!? Haha...He officially uploaded his first post. Congratulation Nur, haha, i mean Din! =)
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The black tie : Alya
Furthermore, meet Alya. Clumsy. Speed-talker. Speak fluently in English. And Clumsy! Sorry babe...just nak tell-tell you people la about her, she works now. Filing something. I’m not really sure but the fact that I want to share to y’all is at that place, she said that people always do have scandal with others. I tell y’all an example la, the “mak cik” cleaner who is working there do have scandal with the boss. I thought that situation only happens on movies, but I guess not! Gossip la ni! Huhu...

Moreover, meet my boy, Izzhar. His birthday is on 12th of February, 2011, He told me that he got a lot of things to share with me. Again, gossip la people! Ayo...huhu...

Basically, just now, i downloaded GaGa’s latest single entitle Born This Way. Now, i realize singer nowadays do love to write songs about spirit, “F**king perfect by P!nk n “Fireworkby Katy my lady (hahah...bajet sudey)”. I mean, it is like motivation on some sort of people. The song is about us, we should believe on ourselves that we were born to be us, the best of us. I do believe that she wants to tell her fans or anyone who listening to her single about the vital of loving who we are, b’coz i’m rationally undoubting that we r who we r. Rite people!?

N, lastly, i just want to tell y’all about this sensitive issue, homosexuality! I am a movie-die-hard-fan. I honestly tell y’all that I always try to watch all genre of movies. One of them is about this two cowboys who are in desperation, love desperation. Both of them are not likeable (i guess) or easy to say, they are lack of these 4 alphabets, L-O-V-E! Actually, they met at this mountain, Brokeback Mountain (also the title of the movie). They spent their summer there n unfortunely, they unproposely felt in love on each other. They are not gay but they are eager to seek for love.

In my point of view, we should not discriminate on them. I mean, we also do mistakes in our life. So, as human being, we should give some advises on them in order to diverge their vision on the truth. Just like drug addict, cigarettes smokers n all other sinful people. Stop discriminate them but let us see ourselves first to make sure that we avoid ourselves on not involving in such those activities, but bear in mind, not avoid them, ok!

Gay movie!?
I know y’all must think the reason why I wrote this post. It’s b’coz people always came visiting me to borrow my hard disk. When people see the brokeback mountain folder, they will shock. They will mumble to me, “mAa, biar betik, ko tengok cite gay ni”. I say, “ Ala, lek la, aku tengok coz nak try see other types of movies, I mean not typical type of movies la, xboleh ke?” . So, guys, just try to watch movies such as Black Swan, Inception, 127 Hours n of coz, brokeback mountain. It will wider your way of thinking on something! K la, thanks again to read my post n sorry for my broken English writing! Bye =) 


  1. we should not discriminate people :)
    yeahh, anak pakcik kamal dah besarrrr :D